Test – Muscle Recovery


This one’s for the gym rats, the title chasers, and the sweat connoisseurs. Test is a vegan formula designed to keep you fueled while supporting healthy muscle recovery. Amino acids are often sourced from poultry and duck feathers, but Test only uses high-quality amino acids sourced from plants. We’ve also added 1 billion CFU/g of Bacillus coagulans for a probiotic boost, vitamin C and tart cherry for antioxidant support, and coconut water powder to hydrate and replenish. Just drink, recover, and repeat.


Redefining the Limits of Science & Human Potential 

Test delivers the most potent and powerful ingredients in our formulas with the best science, taste, and value. With our commitment to research, development, and innovation, we inspire active people, fitness enthusiasts, and elite athletes to grow stronger together. For more than two decades, we’ve fueled those who raise the bar – not in pursuit of a personal best but a better way for everyone. Like you, we’re in it to build more than muscle.

Ultra Pure 100% Tribulus 

This potent formula is derived from the Tribulus terrestris plant, a natural source of saponins. What’s more, our special extract has been scientifically engineered and specifically standardized to yield a 90% saponin concentration. That’s twice as potent as other brands that are most often standardized to 40% to 45% saponins! Each serving delivers 650mg of pure Tribulus terrestris extract, making it an excellent addition to your supplement stack.

Stimulant-free Formula 

For those looking for an ultra-premium Tribulus supplement, our 100% Tribulus formula is stimulant- free, so you can take it when you need it, and even stack it with other performance products.


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